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The Forum stems back to 1975 when local Black and Minority Ethnic groups first began collectively campaigning for a Multi-Ethnic Community Resource Centre to serve their needs. Almost 30 years of our strength firmly lies in the unity of these diverse groups in their forming a rainbow coalition, of which the Forum acts as an umbrella organisation. Member organisations include representation from African Caribbean, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Polish, Pakistani, Sri-Lankan and people from other EU nations.

The Forum was established in 1996. The Forum’s services are aimed at enhancing the quality of life of local BME communities. The Forum also plays a major role in voicing the needs and concerns of local BME communities and ensures that BME issues are taken into account in the decision-making process.

In January 2005, the Forum established a permanent Community Resource Centre in Hitchin for the BME communities. This centre is a one-stop-shop which is used as a base for various learning, skills development and social activities including information, advice and guidance services to the local communities.